Baking With Love

Over 3 Decades

Est. 1991

Our Story

one rolling pin, a small home oven, and a big dream...

To become one of the leading
dessert destinations in Malaysia!

Starting from humble beginnings in 1991, our founders had an undeniable love for divine European cakes and pastries, but these were not easily found in Klang Valley back in the days… so, they pursued their passion, fine-tuned their skills and after spending countless hours refining their recipes, the Fruity Bakery that you now know and love was born. 

Located at the same striking orange corner-lot shop in Klang for the past 30 years, all our products are freshly baked on our premises every morning using premium, natural ingredients and are free from preservatives. As a locally owned and operated café in Klang, our aim is to provide the best supply of freshly baked goods to our customers. Along the way during this incredible journey, we have been blessed with employees that have turned into family and customers that have been frequenting our bakery since its inception, who have now become lifelong friends! 

With years of experience honing our recipes, our brand is synonymous with immaculately presented, hand-crafted, delicious cakes and pastries loved by generations of Malaysians. These days, Fruity is a household name, best known for our Apple Strudel. 

We are the only bakery in Malaysia with the ORIGINAL Apple Strudel recipe from Perth, Australia

The founder of Apple Strudel in Perth, Australia is a close family friend of Fruity, who handed down the long-established family recipe, so we could continue to share this delectable treat with food lovers near and wide. 

Over the years, Fruity’s Apple Strudel by Apple Talk has become a 

cult following MUST-HAVE dessert

amongst the locals, foodies, and travellers alike. At Fruity, we love what we do and often find inventive ways to encapsulate flavour and finesse in everything we create. Every time we introduce something new, you can be sure it has been fashioned over many months of trials to bring you

a unique indulging experience.

If you are still wondering what all the fuss about Fruity Bakery is about, visit us today or order online and try our food for yourself! 

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We pride ourselves in using premium ingredients from reputable suppliers, all while ensuring affordable prices.

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